Pro Activy specializes in projection, multimedia and home cinema solutions for the business and private sectors.

The company has over 15 years of experience in the field of projection solutions and a professional installation team that provides installation and integration services as well as  answers service calls at customer sites across the country.

Pro Activy provides services to a wide range of institutional and private clients, including Bezeq, The Dan Regional Association of Environmental Infrastructure - Igudan, The Israel Association of Community Centers - Matnasim, schools, municipalities, universities and colleges, high-tech companies and many other private clients.


The company provides its customers with a variety of products from the world’s leading brands, including:

  • Projectors: We are authorized resellers of the world's leading projectors from Epson, Benq, Panasonic, Vivitek, NEC, Ricoh and many others, including Full HD and UHD-4K projectors. We also provide large laser projectors for halls, projectors for conference rooms, interactive projectors for classrooms, home theater projectors, portable mini projectors for business presentations.

  • Screens: We provide portable tripod screens, manual screens for hanging and various sizes of electric screens as well as custom-made screens.

  • Amplification and Speakers: As part of our service, we provide the business and private markets with amplification and audio systems for halls, study rooms and home cinemas from leading brands such as Denon, Pioneer, LG, Yamaha, Jamo and more.

  • Smart TV: We provide 4K Smart TV’s or Public Display in sizes from 27” to 75”.

  • Control and multimedia systems for smart conference rooms.

  • We provide schools with a variety of advanced tools to enhance the learning experience, including interactive projectors, touchscreens, laptop and tablet charging carts, as well as stationary and portable speakers and amplification systems.

  • As part of our service, we rent projection equipment, screens and amplification systems for events, with execution and accompaniment of technicians on site.

The quality of our products can be seen first-hand in the demo room located at the company's offices in Shekel Towers, 168 Jabotinsky St., Bnei Brak (12 floor)

Pro Activy’s management is committed to reliable and professional service as well as to fair price and payment terms. This is evident by our list of hundreds of returning customers.

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